We leave the caravan at Rainbow Beach and head to Fraser with “Landy” on the barge. From there there are no roads, just a “beach highway” of white sandy beaches for miles… here we are on the biggest sand island in the world, with amazingly enough fresh water to have rainforests growing in the middle.
We spoil ourselves with a cabin, and the kids are so excited. We are the only ones there and use the camp kitchen as our own. We visit the North of the island: at Ely Creek we swim down the freshwater crystal clear creek. We get bogged at Indian Head, and some friendly travellers pull us out of trouble.
The next day we see our first (and only) dingo on the beach. Way outnumbered by the hundreds of mutton birds exhausted dying on the beach: its hard to avoid running over them. We ponder the Cycle of Life while observing these animals accepting that the end is near. We get spoilt with a whale parading late in the season.
We head inland and drive along the bumpiest sandiest roads… it’s a very slow progress to lake McKenzie. A quick dip before more bumpy roads… you do have to be a 4WD lover to visit the island!